Published on 14 February 2012 by ThatOnePaleKid

*Holy crap frogs, 100k views*

The incredible album "Cosmogenesis" by the one-man Polish band, Gru.
(All music and artwork belongs to their respective owners. My intention behind uploading this is to increase Gru's fanbase.)

1: Universe 0:00
2: Nebula 1:13
3: Pulsar 7:03
4: Fermi Paradox 12:07
5: Stellar 14:34
6: Aurora 19:55
7: Andromeda 23:27
8: Zeta Reticuli 28:55

Bandcamp -

If you download Gru-Cosmogenesis (Full Album) make sure this just for preview purpose only, and if you like Gru-Cosmogenesis (Full Album) buy from the Official website or buy Original CD to keep spport the owner of this content.

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